20 Years of Music Industry Experience

Stephen Finfer and Kroeger of Nickelback

Stephen Finfer
Kroeger of Nickelback

Attorney, publisher and manager Stephen Finfer has been at the forefront of the music industry for the past 20 years. As the co-owner and president of Arthouse Entertainment, he utilizes his knowledge and industry contacts to discover, sign, develop and manage some of the best songwriters in the world. Always looking for new and inventive ways to discover talent, Finfer has facilitated the careers of well-known producers such as Lil Jon, Scott Storch and singer-songwriter Kara DioGuardi, among others. A recognized business strategist, Finfer’s long-term goals for Arthouse Entertainment include becoming a driving force in worldwide commercial music publishing, and to expand further into other entertainment mediums, such as TV, film and Broadway.