Past Accomplishments

Stephen Finfer and Kara Dioguardi

Stephen Finfer, Kara Dioguardi

Before co-founding Arthouse Entertainment with Kara DioGuardi in 2002, Stephen played an integral role for several other music companies. His first gig in the industry was with Capitol Records, where he worked in the business affairs department and was part of the team involved in signing crossover superstar Selena Quintanilla. He later worked for MCA Music Publishing, fulfilling the role of General Manager, before becoming the senior director for Creative Affairs at Famous Music Publishing, a division of Paramount Pictures. Finally, he was invited to become the general manager of TVT Music Inc., where he was tasked with acquiring writers, artists and catalogs. It was at TVT that he met his future business partner, Kara. Stephen Finfer and Dr. Dre